Jamalpur –
center of spiritual power
The birth place of Bábá, Shrii Shrii Ánandamúrti Jii
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Bábá Nagar
"The tiny organization which first saw the light of day in a small town in 1955 – you may call it the "Jamalpur Organization" because in those early days it was confined to Jamalpur town - has today, due to your efforts, been transformed into a mighty global organization."
Bábá in Patna, 3 Jan, 1979
Small Place With Big Potential
Jamalpur is a very small town in the state of north Bihar in India, which was chosen as the site for British India's largest railway workshop in 1862 (where Bábá once worked). The history of this place is very spiritual. Many Yogis, Rsis, Munis and Tantrikas have come here and done a lot of heroic meditation to realize the supreme truth. The spiritual energy still exists there. This resource is untapped and unutilized.
Introduction to the Global Model Project
Dada Sadananda
Prospects For A New Land
We are in the process of purchasing 135 acres of land in Baba Nagar-Jamalpur, which is surrounded by hills and has a very pure environment with pure water, air, soil and very very peaceful feelings. It is 3.3 Km away from Jamalpur Railway Station in the southeast. This land is known as Amjhar.
135 acres
in Baba Nagar-Jamalpur
3,3 km
away from Jamalpur Railway Station
We want to do service to the local community and the entire world for spiritual and social welfare such as:
Accommodation for Margiis & Workers
DMS Pandal for over 10,000 people
Medical Clinic for Local Community
Yoga Naturopathy Center
Bábá's Quarters
Rajadhiraja Yoga Academy
Botanical Garden – trees, flowers, plants
Large Meditation Hall
Microvita Center
Children's Home
Women's Welfare Department office and residence with various projects in a separate location in Jamalpur.
RAWA Center
(people go for dance and sing spiritual songs)
Ánanda Sambhúti-Jamalpur Land Map
695 x 612 meters
300 meters
The width and length of New Land
From Death Valley
This area is known as Amjhar. From Death Valley Baba's meditation place you can see this New Land/ You can come this land from Jamalpur Rail Station by Amjhar Road.
Baba's meditation place you can see this New Land
Dharma Mahá Sammelan is now held at Ánanda Sambhúti Master Unit every March and October.
Even if you contribute a little one inch of land, your service will benefit thousands of people. Spirituality expresses itself through so many unexpected ways. When people will meditate in that place, they will get inspired to do many things and to help with projects for the society. Spirituality is a formless energy and it brings inspiration. It will express itself in unlimited ways. This will serve humanity and make human society blissful. Your help will be part of a great change in our global family.
Video About Baba Nagar-Jamalpur
ABHA SEVA SADAN Construction Progress
Ananda Sambhuti. Master Unit in Baba Nagar-Jamalpur
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